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I'm HyperLinx, the site owner, and here are some rules for you..

1.) Don't insult HyperLinx (me), that will make you a ticket to *BAN* central.

2.) Don't RP (roleplay) anyone's characters, that will get you a ticket to *BAN* central too.

3.) No cussing, no swearing, no lying, no godmodding, and no sexual comments. It's gross and rude. If you want to talk about it, go to message the person and you message back and forth.

4.) When RPing your charrie (character) please try not to make a mate for it. We understand if it's to add action.

5.) Get out of your comfort zone! Y'all don't need to ask to join a RP, just jump on in!

6.) Have fun!



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Head Admin~ Moonblaze


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(Special thanks to them for making it all possible!)